Civic Engagement in Food System Governance concludes by positing a theory of food systems practice.  It is not a new idea.  It is based on observation of how American and British local food movements try to re-form agricultural and food connections.  Six components of this practice were identified.

The combination of these six approaches forms a unique critique and world view associated with local food projects, and can be applied broadly to how American and British food movements are evolving.  

Importantly, several of these approaches exist in contrast to environmental movements in both countries, a reflexive evolution from the “what” of sustainability (economy, society, and environment) to the “how” of sustainable agriculture and food systems development.

Critically, the food system perspective views food-related activities as a whole, placing emphasis on the interconnections between different roles, places, and peoples involved in food production and consumption, and the positions (and power relationships) of entities and individuals.

These ideas of a food systems practice are at the heart of Alan’s policy practice.

Theory of
Food Systems Practice

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