Guest lecture at Cornell University
July 2013–
youtube 40 minutes

Key findings in a US-UK comparison of national local food policies

Power in Hybridizing Movement & Government Discourses: Defining “locally and regionally produced agricultural products”
July 2014 – pdf of slides with notes

Legislative development of a USDA definition for locally and regionally produced products illustrates the concept of “narrative hybridization” and tension movement leaders face when deciding to engage or not engage government.

Being a Specialist in a Complex World, a student-led seminar series
Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability

A discussion-based seminar series designed to introduce interdisciplinary research and project management to graduate students in a research-intensive university setting , featuring guest discussants, student facilitated discussions, and cross-department interaction.
Seminar handbook
Capstone panel introduction
Promotional brochure (2012-13)


Alan enjoys teaching about food systems, public policy, social movements, and interdisciplinary research.  Here are some examples.

Local Food Strategies LLC

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