Local Food Strategies LLC


Alan enjoys teaching about food systems, public policy, social movements, and interdisciplinary research.  Here are some examples.

Guest lecture at Cornell University, July 2013– youtube 40 minutes
Key findings in a US-UK comparison of national local food policies

Power in Hybridizing Movement & Government Discourses: Defining “locally and regionally produced agricultural products”, July 2014 – pdf of slides with notes
Legislative development of a USDA definition for locally and regionally produced products illustrates the concept of “narrative hybridization” and tension movement leaders face when deciding to engage or not engage government.

Being a Specialist in a Complex World, a student-led seminar series, Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability
A discussion-based seminar series featuring guest lectures and student discussion to introduce doctoral students from across the university to interdisciplinary research and engagement work.
Seminar handbook     Capstone panel introduction     Promotional brochure (2012-13)